Sunday, April 15, 2007


Like the beloved Schroeder I'd like to acknowledge my deep appreciation for the man called Beethoven (despite the fact that he never had his picture on a bubblegum card). It would be sweet to know more about music and music theory and all of those cool terms that my sister throws around, like "counterpoint" or "chord progression." If only I had the vocabulary instead of just my own feeble words to do his music justice.

Haaa! I'm gonna do it anyway...

I love how the chords pour from the piano in rich buttery cascades, wrapping around my body and seeping into my soul. You feel like a voiceless beggar, a wretched sinner, and finally, a fully exalted creature, a child of the Most High --- and all of this in the space of fifteen minutes!

And that is just what I love about it: his moodiness... how the stretches of darkness - of total despair - make the joy that much deeper and meaningful when it finally does arrive. There is just some music that does it for you, ya know?


Beth said...

I want to give you that picture I sent you last night again, the one that proclaims how awesome you are.

Beth said...

Katie, am I that sister? The carelessly throwing around musical terms sister?

p.s. update!

The Dancing Newt said...

For the record, I never said 'carelessly.'

It was meant to be more like 'throws around casually and confidently in the way that only someone who knows what she's talking about can...'

But yes, that would be you, my sweet.