Thursday, July 30, 2009

About Time

I just washed ohhh... approximately 63 pairs of underwear.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I glanced over at the person next to me on the train the other day, a young man reading a book, and noticed a notecard with the following, somewhat cryptic, handwritten list (although aren't most lists, out of context, something of an enigma?):
Equipment (gun)
Military operations
Send letter to Dickhead's wife
At first I thought maybe it was for some type of very violent video game (which also involves sending letters to people's wives...?).

Then I wondered if it was real. I'm not sure if I should have called the police or something...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wish I were one of those people who liked to ORGANIZE things...

We have a lot of food in our tiny kitchen, but lots of random things as well, like boxes with approximately three Triscuit crackers or a ziploc containing a couple tablespoons of baking powder, nut chopper, loose packets of unpopped microwave popcorn, stuffed animals, a stray sock, Christmas ornaments, bottles of black and green food coloring... you know, just regular stuff like that.

After some contemplation, I came to the conclusion that the space in there wasn't really used very efficiently. I decided I'd go through and purge and rearrange, and then maybe I would want to actually EAT some of that food. So, just now, I removed everything from all of the shelves and all of the cupboards. I relocated the baking pans and supplies to above the cupboards by the sink. Then I looked at all the cans and boxes all over the floor and chair and counters and suddenly felt the urge to go into my bedroom and check Facebook. And write a blog post.

Soon Beth will get home, and food will be everywhere, and I'll be asleep or drooling or reading Mormon feminist blogs or BBC news, maybe doing breaststroke through my dirty and clean laundry or something. I suspect - though I am not certain - that this is why she tells our aunt that I'm "a good sister, but a bad roommate."

Ohhh the agony which smothers my soul when I imagine going back in and tidying everything up!!! Best to just pretend it never happened. Yep. Just pretend it never happened.
Katie, what is going on in the kitchen?

What do you mean?

There's food and crap EVERYWHERE.

What the...? I have no idea! I haven't even been in the kitchen since I've been home.

Katie, your bag is in here. And your shoes.

Uhhh... I have to go to the bathroom. (climbs out the window and down the fire escape)

I don't see any problem with this plan. Because I am so good at lying. And I don't need to eat. Ever....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Milker Dumbass

This afternoon I saw a man wheeling a small babby in a stroller.

The man's arms were covered in tattoos. In a moment of what can only be described as pure milker dumbassitude, I looked from the father's arms to the child's and then back to the father's and was genuinely surprised that the son did not have the same "coloring" as the father -- i.e. the son did not have any tattoos at all (!)


You mean these human beings are NOT like some sort of creeptacular My Little Pony family, in which the children genetically inherit a combination of the vaguely abstract epidermal markings of both their parents?

Get outta the city.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the Half-pup Prince

I can't wait until the film version of this:
is released in theatres here... only a few more days!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Help me!

I have these song lyrics bouncing around my mind:
caught somewhere between the earth and the sky
Does anyone know from which song that line comes? I tried google, no luck. It might just drive me crazy. Or I might just forget about it.

Anyway, the first half of the week I went camping down the Cape with my immediate family, two cousins, one cousin's daughter, one cousin's husband, and one aunt. It rained pretty much every day and we almost couldn't leave my parents' house because the bottom of their car was dragging.

There was a lot of stuff in the car. Also, Em had flu Type A
(whatever that means) and was quarantined. She had to wear
a face mask in the car and sleep in her own tent. Poor pup!

She was feeling better by the second or third day though.

But finally, finally we got there and set up camp. It was fortunately not raining at that point. Of course it ended up being fun, despite the minor disasters and crying/fighting and rain. I played some more mandolin (I'm getting tons better) and had several good and constructive conversations with assorted family members.

When it wasn't raining, it was misting. Or foggy. There were a
few hours of direct sunlight too.

Campfire fun.

My little* brother and I dug an extensive network of trenches throughout the campsite to channel rainwater away from the tents. This probably makes me lame or a nerd or awesome, but that may have been my favorite part of the whole trip. I felt so purposeful and happy, just digging and digging there with the little trowel, redirecting the water away from the beds of my dear family members following simple universal laws. So, all in all, I say 8.5 out of 10 for family campout this year.

An extensive network of trenches (it was not raining at
the time of this photo, so you cannot see it in action)...

Now this evening I am off to pupwood to visit Julia.

Happy Independence Day! I sort of want to watch that Will Smith movie now for some reason...

*My six-foot tall, going to COLLEGE this fall, little brother...