Monday, August 23, 2010

Dorkatron Crushatron

Confession: I have recently developed a crush on one of cashiers at Whole Foods.  I find him extremely attractive and he's just nice to everybody and seems pretty relaxed generally. 

So, last week, I kept thinking of things I 'had to buy' at the grocery store, and I would even mentally prepare a nice question to ask, maybe, like 'do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?' but then it turned out he wasn't working any of the times I went.

So today I got home late and just wanted some dinner from their prepared food counter.  I got this yummy kale salad, and also some cheese, just because I like cheese.  And then I went to the checkout and saw that his line was the longest and knew I would feel like a dorkface getting into that long line just so he could be my cashier.  So I went back and asked the person in the body care section about fluoride rinse (it was eight bucks so I decided I didn't want it). 

I returned to the checkout area and the line was shorter, just one person ahead of me, and my heart began to race a little bit. 

It got to be my turn and I couldn't think of a single thing to say.  Just smiled.  A lot.  Like an insane person.  I couldn't even help myself if I wanted to.  And said 'how's it going?' and 'no I don't need a paper bag, thanks'.  And made LOTS of eye contact.  And smiled hugely.  Some more.  Unfortunately still not much of substance in terms of interpersonal exchange here. 

I am thinking actually of writing a little note and slipping it between two bills next time I go there (if there is a next time!!!).  I am apparently reverting back to like middle school or something here. 
Dear [name],

I like you.  Maybe this is creepy because I don't actually know you.  Call me if you think it isn't creepy (or if you think it is but are into that kind of thing).  I am moving to [my new neighborhood] though... so otherwise, goodbye and thanks for being the nicest cashier in the store.   :)


Actually, that could be super awkward, because then he would try to give it back to me because he thought I gave him a piece of paper by mistake or read it while I was standing there and the people behind me in line and the person bagging the groceries would be watching and then I would want to run away.

Alternately, I could give him a paper with an internet link and then he could enter the link and see an image of a handwritten note. Ok this is maybe getting too Amelie for my liking. BAH. 

Usually I don't have much trouble talking to new people, but this time I just feel pretty tongue-tied.  Advice?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lunch, Possible Outcomes, Ranked in Order of Desirability (with 1 Being the Highest)

Because lists are fun, sometimes...
  1. Bring lunch
  2. Purchase lunch
  3. Do not bring lunch OR wallet and scrounge up stale roll and leftover pasta from fridge at work

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sister No. 2

WARNING: ooey gooey sister love ahead.

So E wrote the following on my FB wall maybe a week ago or something, and it got me thinking, actually.
Sometimes you just want to creep on your sister's blog, but then she hasn't posted anything new in almost a month so you can't. So then you just go to bed...
To be honest, this summer, I have felt like I have lost a brother in many ways, I know he'll come back from this experience quite different, he already sounds different in the way he writes (or maybe it's more that we're just not used to him saying that much at a time... heheh).  He will still be the same brother I know and love, but the experience will change him. 

I feel the absence a LOT at family events.

However, at the same time, having E home for several months had been just fabulous.  Going 'letterboxing', staying up late talking with Bubber, videorecording our parents boogie boarding at the beach, laughing our little asses off, etc. etc.  It has been a lot of FUN. 

And, I can say with all honesty that she has grown into a mature, thoughtful, dependable lady, somebody I really enjoy in my life as a friend, a peer, in addition to a sister.  I remember her jumping up and down on the bed scream-singing her personal lyrics to the tune of Mary Poppins (Moosha makka mikka makka, anyone?), I remember her in her awkward curly bangs phase, I remember her coming to visit me at college, thinking everyone slid down the hill on old cardboard boxes in the snow and jumped on random mattresses. 

But now I think of her as someone I can confide in, talk to about how to approach different family and friend and relationship situations, someone who is compassionately aware of what is going on around her, someone who cares for others in a deep and practical way.  She cares enough to try to make sure that everyone is communicating to one another.  She can see what needs to be done in a situation and will take the initiative required to get the group to where it needs to be.  In this family, those are all skills which are in high demand. 

And she is hilarious and makes gross/amazing sound effects.  She knows exactly when to time the delivery of a joke or silly comment to lighten the mood. 

Of course all my family members are great, and I could write a million lengthy posts for EACH of them, but I guess this is the summer that E became an adult.  Or perhaps, more precisely, the summer I realized she was an adult.  So apparently I needed to write a post about it, to commemorate it. Or something.