Sunday, May 29, 2011


I kind of feel like this blog has fulfilled its purpose - whatever that may have been.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My little sis sends me an email titled "your homework." It contains the lyrics for Poker Face for me to memorize.

Check this hand cause I'm marvelous!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I made some! I also made a painting of poppies and a sleeping baby fox, but I don't have a pic of them.

The cards are for giving away. But I wonder if I could sell some other ones that are slightly more professional.

My new idea would be to make some color copies and cut the prints to size and put them on the colored mats instead of one original painting per card. It would still be pretty nice and I could get multiple cards from the same painting.

Yeah it could be good.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Updates

Tonight I am going to my first meetup event! A vegetarian food meetup. I wonder what the other people will be like. Hopefully not the crazy veg types.

Also I'm getting this, because I think it's funny and cool (Reunite Pangea - heeee):

Also we have made some huge progress in terms of my parents and their house. 

Also, I've been reading this book about unlocking your creativity, doing the different exercises and stuff. It might be a bit hokey, but I also do sort of agree with its premise, that creativity is a way of acknowledging a higher power, of channeling the divine in your life.

Finally, I think I want to start posting again on One Little Joy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Bucket List

I think I posted one on here before at some point, but here's my new, expanded one.

   1. Get photobooth shots done
   2. Have a bakery or sandwich shop or cafe
   3. Have a flower shop
   4. See northern lights
   5. Own a property - condo or small house - have fun making it quirky and homey
   6. Publish a writing piece, my own ideas or experiences
   7. Photos published somewhere
   8. Learn woodworking
   9. Use pictures to tell a story - children’s book (or an adult book)
  10. Go backpacking
  11. Have kids, get married
  12. Go to Europe to visit EK, the Danes, others
  13. Go to VA to visit LP
  14. Go to Antarctica
  15. Go to Columbia, hike, see Machu Picchu
  16. Road trip or train trip across USA
  17. Ski the Alps
  18. Hike the Alps
  19. Teach an artistic class (silkscreening, woodblock printing)
  20. Help make blankets for people who need them, babies or people in the hospital
  21. Climb Mt Washington