Sunday, April 22, 2007

For Beth, before she goes to Hungaria

It was late one spring evening when they heard the call. From every corner of the forest they came. The smooth ones rolled along easily, the less symmetrical ones hurried in from all directions as well, wobbling with their lopsided gaits. It was rare that Granite Granny would summon them under the cover of moonlight for a secret meeting of the Midnight Rock Council.

The first to arrive was Pumice Pam. She glided softly in, barely skimming the mossy floor. And Sandstone Sam, significantly smaller since the last meeting of the Council, what with all of the exfoliation. Next arrived the fiery Felicia Flint and her best friend, slender Silvia Slate. Gradually the rest trickled in: Marbled Mable, Michael Mica, Sean Shale, and of course Frank. Nobody really knew what kind of rock Frank was. But he was a rock at least… unlike Coarse-Aggregate Carl who was actually a chunk of concrete. The Council allowed him to listen in, provided he stayed a significant distance from the group and kept quiet the whole time.

They all huddled around Granite Granny to hear what she had to say.

(to be continued...!)

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Petra said...

Yes! I love stories about rocks!