Friday, April 13, 2007

New Image

Do you like the new[t] image (har har...) at the top of the page?

I spent like 5 hours in GIMPshop working on that dumb thing. I don't even think I like it better than the Matisse one I originally had (see below). I was picturing something cooler, but alas, my GIMPage skills are not so hot.

Anyways I ought to go to bed. Enough blagging for this one tonight. Here's the deal: after the FE Exam, which is next Saturday, I'll look up some HTML code and figure out how to make the picture a part of the title bar. I think that would look a lot better kind of spread out across the top with the title running below all of the floaty flowers and green dots.


Beth said...

Good luck on FE r0x0rs my socks.

Since I don't actually know what that means (like what that computer nerd terminology means), we'll settle for that, okay?

But seriously, good luck.

The Dancing Newt said...

Thanks, Sweetums.