Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The World of Newt

Tonight is my team’s fourth intramural soccer game of the season. We’ve never won or even played a match with a full team. The first one was canceled because the goals were filled with snow (from the giant plow that cleared off the turf field). The second took place in a blizzard, the third in rain so heavy that puddles formed on the field.
Winning… what is that? Scoring on your own goalie… passing to the other team… falling for no reason, with no one pressuring you… that is what I’m talking about. Basically what I am trying to say is I am looking forward to a fun time tonight.
Regarding the traffic light analysis: it did do me good. But not because of the signal colors. Here's a summary of lovely details from today that made me smile:
  • The man with the curly ponytail and earphones dressed as Statue of Liberty. He’s always standing in front of Liberty Income Tax, waving and grinning (I can only imagine because he is rocking out to Led Zeppelin or Hillary Duff) as all of the cars speed up the hill towards Vermont.
  • Sitting on a concrete stump with my bicycle next to me and a small notebook, collecting information about the intersection across from Liberty Income Tax.
  • Waving back at Statue of Liberty man.
  • The kid with a sparkly blue bike helmet and mint colored wrist pads who has been cycling all over creation. I must have seen her at least five times today alone.
  • My pink sweatshirt that used to be E’s.
  • Nerdlings who shyly and awkwardly ask what I am doing.
  • The itty bitty dog on a leash skittering alongside a jogging girl in yoga pants.
  • Crocuses!
  • Looking at all of the garbage along the side of the road (i.e. rusted metal wheel, puzzle piece, torn plastic lei) and imagining stories of former lives.
  • Another girl with TWO itty bitty dogs on leashes (this is almost too much for me).
  • The fact that I figured out the cycle times and phases of all of my assigned intersections.


Beth said...

I love your imagery, P....is it okay if I call you P?

This is just about the cutest blag in the world.


The Dancing Newt said...

That's okay. You can call me Boob.

"I don't WANT to call him Boob..."