Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I have been thinking very long and hard about the subject. Based upon my experiences, personal tendencies, and what I admire, I have formulated a description of my "ideal guy." The characteristics I seek may seem odd, but here goes...


One thorough and meticulous man. There is nothing I find more attractive than someone who does a job carefully and well, who is legitimately concerned that it is done correctly, and who takes pride in details. Okay maybe the "nothing more attractive" was a hyperbole, but for some reason I do find that trait mightily sexy in a guy.

He is able to make absolute judgments about situations or actions while taking into consideration the endless possibilities that I tend to raise.

I also prefer the quiet and nerdy type: quiet in terms of calmness and center, not painfully shy or awkward, and nerdy in that he loves gaining knowledge and applying new ideas and facts. This man would ideally share my fascination with the pursuit of spiritual and moral questions.

He takes care of his body. He sincerely loves food (i.e. does not see it as an enemy or a chore), trying new types, and cooking with me. He has a moderate to intense silly side --- even if it is only when he thinks no one is watching.

Finally he has no huge problems with me being any of the following: vegetarian, free-spirited, religious, feminist, goofy, disorganized, or occasionally sad.

What kind of response would it get if I actually posted this as an advertisement?


Beth said...

Well...at least you know what you want. That will definitely make it easier to find, that's for sure.

As to what you'd get if you put that as a 'wanted' ad? HAHAHAH, the responses would be fantoppytastic. Not in a bad way - in the way where that's not really what people advertise for. At least not in my vast experience in the business.

If you do choose to make that advert, let me know who responds, eh?

Lauren said...

sigh... I guess you're only looking for guys?

Logan said...


Newt said...

UGH. I am somewhat embarrassed by this post, even though I think a lot of it would still be true now.

Logan said...

Oh, I think it's brilliant.