Thursday, May 10, 2007

a storm on the way

Oooh it is thundery out. It is rainy and the sky sizzles with flashes of lightning. Somehow its energy is captured into my blood, zipping through my veins. I turned down rides from two different people so I could splash around in my flip-flops on the way to another group meeting… It is the last one I'll ever have to attend. Okay I lied. The second to last one. But that doesn't even bother me because I got to play in the puddles on the way there.

I saw the clouds rolling in this afternoon, and I knew something was coming. As I went into my final exam at 3:00 PM, the sky was still somewhat sunny. But when I emerged again at six, it had begun to get overcast. By the time the dusk approached, you could hear the deep ripples of thunder beyond the horizon.

On the way to the meeting, I passed my downstairs neighbors smoking on the porch. "Great weather, huh?" They chuckled.

The meeting only lasted 1/2 hour and then I was out in the storm again.

Annnd now my roommates just returned with amazing junkfood (CC Potato Chips and Newman Os) for me to eat because it is my last all-nighter everrrrr in my whole college careerrrrrr!

Here, have some song lyrics (courtesy of Gnarls Barkley):

There's truth in the thunder

Love in the lightning
The feeling is frightening
Yet, isn't it exciting?
I'm something like stormy weather
If I weren't we'd never huddle together
Do I have to tell you
that I'm also the sunlight
that shines shortly after?

...only my favoritest song right now.


Beth said...

Mr. Exciting is like a pumpkin. I loves it.

Sorry for being distracted by your links. On to the entry.

I wish I could have played in the puddles tambien. That would have made MY day too.

What are CC Potato chips?

I want roommates. booooohissss. I just have family. (smirk)

The Dancing Newt said...

Cape Cod Potato Chips, duh!

Now guess who you get as a roommie now...!