Wednesday, June 6, 2007

101 signs that Newt needs to get a life

101 reasons it is a good thing that Newt is beginning work this coming Monday

1. spends way too long trying to pick* off the label from the basmati rice sack in hopes of making a cool shoulder bag from it
2. checks email compulsively
3. watches teeny-bopper music videos** ...numerous times in a row (seriously guys, click the link and check out the radio at ~1:26!!!)
4. bedroom is completely tidy
5. views multiple episodes of Friends, season 3 on DVD from the library
6. works on lolnewts for beth for over an hour:

blah blah I can't think of any more... but I'm sure there are. I think the basmati rice bag incident was a low point. Tomorrow I'll hopefully work on my motor scooter in hopes of getting it going for the summer season. Or go to the beach. Provided I can get baby sister to come with.

*I gave up, realizing that there was no way I'd get the entire label off, even if I picked for 20 hours. It was definitely adhering quite strongly to the bag.

**petra, do you recognize that sidewalk in the video???


Beth said...
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Beth said...

That was my post. How embarrassing!

I love the photo. It's not my background anymore, though. When I saw S and M the other day, I told them about lolnewt and they both got a kick out of it. Hoorah for you!