Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This is the Truth

(or "The Lesson I Keep Learning Over and Over Again")

Well, if you are looking for the Truth (and I do mean the Truth, not your regular old truth) you will not find it on one side of the argument or the other. You will not even find it tidily in the middle. The Truth is the location where the two sides overlap. Truth is where the two opposites exist simultaneously. It is rarely an either-or, almost always a both at once.

I am a tiny speck, meaningless in this universe, but I am also a miracle, a goddess of ultimate beauty and grace.

Not only must we love as though everything matters, we must realize that we actually have very little effect on the path of the world. We balance detachment and apathy with utmost concern.

Is abortion heinous; is it killing, or would making it illegal be grossly oppressing women? Yes, both.

How can it be? Truth is beyond three-dimensional, I guess.

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ME said...

I concur that it's rarely either or and that often it's both, but I also think that in many cases it's neither.