Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In a Strange World

Seriously I have been feeling like a little monster lately, like the kind that chews on your ankle with its gummy mouth and tickles you in the ear, making weird little noises as it scampers off... Not dangerous, just slightly creepy. Some days the feeling is more like a strange and beautiful creature, but rarely do I feel human. It's not overwhelming, though. Just a kind of lonely backdrop to daily life. Or maybe just church life, which seems to be creeping more and more into normal life.

Well, the other day, my roommate made me watch this little clip and said "makes me think of you for some reason, Katie." And I am glad it does because the video makes me SO HAPPY. Watch until the end.

For what it's worth, she also, on a separate occasion, told me that she could imagine me working at Trader Joe's. This, I take as a most tremendous compliment, as I would like to marry Trader Joe's some day.

B and E are home on Spring Break, which means we get to spend lots of time together eating green frosting and watching such obscure childhood favorites as Dot and the Whale, and I remember my place in this world.

I guess it's just nice to feel affirmed.

Anyway I think I'm going to grow some vegetables this summer.


Thirdmango said...

I really want to visit a lonely friend on a lake while I play some music. That'd be sweet.

Beth said...

Well, that vid was a little weird. What in particular makes you so happy about watching it? I would really like to know, because sometimes I miss things that you see, sissy.

The Dancing Newt said...

Something is not like it seems. Something beautiful is made. She is on a lake and then, suddenly, there is a party out of nowhere.

Why did you think it was weird?

brozy said...

You're awesome. Please keep blogging; I will be happy every time you do.

brozy said...

Aw, crud, still bawb.

The Dancing Newt said...

bawb/"brozy," it took me so long to figure out what was going on there...!