Monday, April 14, 2008

Things which make me feel like a Good Person

  • Paying my taxes
  • Donating blood
  • Giving up my seat on the train for an elderly person
  • Voting
  • Wearing my retainers

Probably because I don't really do any of them THAT often. I feel extra good if I get a sticker. Yeah I pretty much glow with pride if you give me a sticker that says good job.


Molly Sue said...

Things that make me feel like a good children still being alive at the end of the day!! I did a good job, eh? heehee

Beth said...

I paid my taxes two weeks ago.

I have tried for two weeks to give blood, but I haven't been eating right or something, because I have been iron-deficient by a little both times I got tested.

I don't ride the train or bus very much at all, but since I went to Hungary, I get up whenever an older person gets on.

I voted last election (ten points if you can guess for who).

I don't have a retainer (no braces here).

How'd I do?