Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spazzity Spaz Spaz

Just after lunch, my coworker called and I picked up because the person who normally answers the phone had stepped out. "Katie? I need your help. We're in the car and we've got three people following us."

Holy crap! I thought as intense chase scenes flashed through my mind. They are in danger! How will I know what to do? Then that rational voice came in, Pull yourself together, woman.

"Okay," I replied calmly. "What do you need?"

"We're in Burlington and we need directions to this restaurant. Are you at your computer?"

hahaha... can we say overactive imagination?


Confuzzled said...

Ha! That's funny. I would leap to almost exactly the same conclusion . . . :)

Sad for a While said...

I. Love. You.