Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Deeper Silver

Two days before my twenty-third birthday
He left
tired months with silence and suddenly away
Left me with six grey hairs and terror at ever loving again.

Twenty-four-and-a-half years old
In the bathroom at work I see it has sprung back glistening alongside brown curls
snatch a single strand from my temple
with a tiny ping and successive echoes
that he could walk down those stairs
how I now miss that youth
how I miss that optimism and trust
which were snatched from hoping fingers.

between which the hair begins to smolder, transformed, burning I almost drop it
Purified by molten life.
I see years, sorrows of brothers and sisters
Pain transfigured into understanding
and finally awareness
Yes the roots of life reach deeper now than they did before.

Damn you, hair. Deeper.


eleka nahmen said...

That is beautiful.

Beth said...

Sometimes anguish brings out the best in you, weenit.