Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grace Enough

It's almost finished, I think. I might have read it too many times at this point, though. Please tell me what you think... if any parts seem weird or choppy.

Is there grace enough for me
in this wounded gleaming universe?
Am I too blind
to my own light to ever See?

Will these shadows, curtains ever fall
And will we die
arise from ashes at the dawn's first light
and standing naked, embrace the day?

Which hand
which time, will stitch together every ache and seam:
which gesture?

Can all this gold within us glow?
We're just bounding through the galaxies.
And is it possible to know when we are streaming through molasses?
We tumbled headfirst into this World
caught by humans, loved and hated
we, these fragile human souls
dumb or brave or neither.

Oh fill me,
fill me with a greater love -
awareness, sight, and I dispense.

Teach me searing to feel again.
Tender aching joy begun
and filled with quiet miracles
of a raindrop
on a petal.

1 comment:

Mooney said...

Me too.

I like your writing.