Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Role of Precision

We had scheduled a group conference call for 11:00 this morning with some key players for a regional project I am working on. The conference call service sends you a toll-free number and a numerical code for that specific call. All parties dial in, enter the number, and ta-daa, you can chat!

So, 11:00 rolled around. I double-checked the email, picked up the handset to my phone, dialed the number, and found myself greeted by some fine instrumental music with a light beat. I waited for the operator to speak or for some sort of signal to enter the numerical code. Instead, a woman's heavy voice came in over the strains of what turned out to be erotic lounge music, "Hey there, sexy. You've reached my one-on-one..."

Yeah I didn’t wait to hear which type of service was described by the term “one-on-one.” Bwahaha... good thing I didn't have it on speakerphone!


Saule Cogneur said...

boooooo. You almost had a great story to tell.

Beth said...

Well, here's the funny thing. That happened to me too, when I tried to call the Social Security bureau. Man, was I sketched out when I got a sexy woman's voice when I was expecting a businesslike explanation of what services this Social Security helpline offered. Little did I know I would be offered other services when I called that toll-free number...