Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smells Like Mole-asses

Sense of smell sometimes blows me away. You know how everyone has their own unique smell? A mixture of the shampoo, deodorant, and whatever other scented products they use, combined with a special fragrance which comes directly from them as a person - makes each of them smell their own special way.

I cannot help feeling so comforted by the smells of those I love and trust.

Some strangers have very nice smells too. Sometimes a person passes by me on the street and I get a surprisingly pleasant whoosh of THIRTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD DUDE or a wave of SKINNY LITTLE ARTIST GIRL. I always feel like some sort of scent voyeur whenever I find myself really enjoying it. It feels like I am experiencing something private, intimate, without knowing anything else about them and without their permission. I try not to inhale too deeply.

What? It is July already??? We celebrate the end of another week, mourn the end of another month, celebrate the end of yet another year. That is life.



Thirdmango said...

I have little to no sense of smell so I know not of what you speak.

ME said...

Hmm. Smell. A very interesting example of analytical chemistry.

Beth said...

The video is accompanied by a The Faint song, a band that I love so dearly.

I couldn't watch the live images, so captivated was I by the kaleidoscope.