Friday, September 19, 2008

Babushka Deli - Store of Awesomeness

We went to Babushka Deli to get a dessert and found a package of these cookies labeled simply as $4.24. They looked sort of like giant walnuts with chocolate creamy spread inside. We brought it to the front and tried to get some information from the young woman who was working there.

Me: What is inside of this? Is it chocolate?
Employee: No. Not chocolate. It's... milky.
Me: Oh, milky. Gotcha. What is it called?
Employee: It's just called... nuts.
Me: Oh it has nuts in it?
Employee: No. No nuts. It just looks like nuts.
Me: Cool. What does it taste like?
Employee: It tastes good. It tastes like... sweet. And milky. But it doesn't have anything special (I think she meant "weird") in it.

So of course we bought them. And brought them home. And ate them. And for the record, "nuts" taste sort of like a pastry filled with sweet and milky. Even as a native English speaker I can find no better words to describe the confection.

And this is just one item on the growing list of reasons why I love Babushka Deli and want to buy everything I own from there.


Beth said...

But it doesn't taste milky to me. It tastes like that candy that you don't remember what it's called.

p.s. I ate all of my half of them waiting for the bus on Friday.

Mere said...

Perhaps she meant almond paste? Amaretto? Marzipan? Seriously Katie and Beth, I want to hang out with you more. I don't know anyone else who goes to places with names like Babushka Deli. (Right up my alley!) You inspire me. Truly.

Beth said...

Can we maybe go there again? because I think some Russian chocolates would be nice.

The Dancing Newt said...

Yes (to both Mere and Beth). YESYESYESYES!!!