Friday, September 26, 2008

More Sissy

(Because 3M gets such a kick out of it):

Beth and I planned and recited the following conversation this morning.
me: Guess what song is playing!
Beth: (stirring oatmeal) Our favorite song in the NATION?
me: (poking head into the kitchen) Nay. In the WORLD!
both: bwahahaha
...which was inspired by a statement made by Beth involving something with "favorite song" and "nation" and "world," a statement which may or may not have included the word "nay," as evident from our discussions as I recorded the "original" conversation.
me: I said "nay."
Beth: No I said "nay."
me: No I said "nay."

Hmmm... beginning to see a pattern here. The song? "Come Sail Away" by Styx.


Mere said...

"And I try, ooooh, ooooh I try -- (bu, bu, bu, bu, bu-bum)to caaaarry on!"

You two are absolutely hilar. (Oh, and you have good taste.) Being privy to your behind-closed-doors convos is a treat.

ME said...

Sisterly love...

Beth said...


I wrote on Emy's wall today: "Why are you the best sister in the nation?" Why have you contaminated my speech?