Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Free

I just thought for some reason I would browse the free section on craigslist.
Wood - just what you would think, but I love the picture for some reason

Hannah Montana Undies - also just what you would think

Organic Soy Bars - because apparently "Soy Reduces Male Fertility by 70%" (if that isn't good advertising, I don't know what is)

Yankees Fan Bet - this one is by far my favorite, seriously now, seriously - just read it.


Sad for a While said...

You need to snap up those organic soy bars before someone else has the chance!

lauren said...

I just cut down a tree. I need someone to come and get rid of it. Then to rake and mow the grass. Maybe fix me a sandwich.

Those are the best postings ever. I've only ever really seen moving boxes. Although the other day someone was trying to get rid of their tomagochi.

Beth said...

KATIE you are a lame-o! I suggested you go to the free stuff section on craigslist!!!!!!!!!!!!