Sunday, December 28, 2008

One Day, a Week or So Ago, When it Snowed

We wanted to make brownies. We are always full of good ideas. But we had no butter or eggs.
Me: Ok so let's bundle up and get that stuff to make a treat. And maybe also get a smaller treat to eat while we're making the bigger treat. Don't you love the way my little brain works?

Beth: It is not little. It is a powerful machine.
Powerful machine. Did you hear that?

Anyway, we bundled up, trudged through the accumulating drifts to the grocery store, and bought some butter, eggs, and tiramisu.

Beth fell on the way home as we ascended a small incline in the parking lot, dropping the eggs in the snow. It was soft though (snow - duh), so they didn't break. When she fell again, because her boots had no traction, I offered her my hand. When she refused my assistance, I became just a little bit miffed that she wouldn't allow me to help her.

So, like any rational person, I left the tiramisu on the hood of somebody's car and walked off towards home.
Beth (muttering to self): GREAT. I didn't do what she said and now SHE's acting like a five-year-old too.
By the time she has caught up of course I had forgotten about the whole thing, because I was fully entranced with walking backwards and looking at my footprints in the snow.

We ended up not making brownies at all --- just eating "smaller treat" and going to bed.


Beth said...

Here are my objections to this post: I tripped. I didn't fall.
You were massively miffed.
I was talking to you, not muttering to myself.
The emphasis is on the wrong syllable: TOO not SHE. I didn't even say she. I said YOU.
I was penitent when I caught up with you; that was the reason you mentioned you'd forgotten all about it. I said things like "katie i'm sorry i ruined everything including christmas!!! wahhh"

But your brain is a powerful machine.

ME said...

Sisterly love...