Wednesday, January 14, 2009


A lot of the time I see myself as a little awkward sort of creature, but occasionally I am looking at myself and realize I am somehow glowing with a transcendent brilliance I didn't even know existed. I have no idea where it comes from - or why - and no clue how to contain it or even if I should try. It is terrifying. It is delightful. Like I am emitting photons, only clearly invisible.

So yes, here I am sitting in my pink polka dot jammies, surrounded by blankets and dishes and unpaid bills, barely knowing how to approach this sacred effulgence.

Ahhh a day in the life.


Mere said...

You glow much more often than you realize, Katie. And you are right--you are absolutely brilliant. :)

(Hehe, one might say you are a genius!)

The Dancing Newt said...

"Am I a genius?"

Heh heh thanks Mere.