Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Your Own

My sister and I made up a game, on the train, on the way to a friend's party the other day. Homemade proverbs. There are several formulas you can use.
Both people think of predicate clauses which you link and place after the words "she who" or "he who." (e.g. He who keeps a tidy home... grows accustomed to false promises.)

Both people think of predicate clauses connected by "is to." (e.g. To reach for the heavens is to unwind yesterday's thread.)

Or have one person think of the subject and the other thinks of the predicate, and you simply link them:
(e.g. Every disaster... shines on in the book of eternities.)

Or two subjects, connected by "is like":
(e.g. A simple word is like a pig's eye.)
Some end up so funny, some even sounding sort-of wise. And of course some make no sense at all. There were also brief plans of referring to me as 'The Oracle' for the evening ("why yes, I would like some punch, as would The Oracle," at which point I would recite one of the proverbs we had created), but I just kept forgetting them or laughing when we would try to rehearse.

Beth offered to be The Oracle, but I pointed out that I wouldn't even be able to say The Oracle with a straight face . . .


feng said...

she who reads other ppl's blogs at work must beware of spilling tea on her desk because of too much laughing

Beth said...

I wish you had posted some of the actual ones we made up.

The Dancing Newt said...

I couldn't find them!!! :(((((((