Monday, April 27, 2009


So I am strolling through the park on a beautiful warm lunch break and come across a young man, drawing with sidewalk chalk on the pavement.

Shortest Race Ever

it says. About six feet apart, two lines are drawn and labeled “Start" and “Finish.”

Oooo can I do it? I ask him.

Of course. That is what it is for! I position myself at the start. Ready. Set. GO!

I take off and two steps later cross the finish line.

You won! he says. Yessssss what an accomplishment. Why does the world love me so much? Sometimes I just do not know.

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Logan said...

"Why does the world love me so much?"Mmmaybe because you are a young woman? That is just a hypothesis

Newt said...

If by "the world" you mean "that young man" then yes, the answer is obvious. But what I probably meant to ask is, how did the universe manage to arrange itself in such a way that I would stumble upon, and win the shortest race ever?

Confuzzled said...

Because the universe is obviously set up to conspire for your good :) Periodically, anyway...