Monday, May 11, 2009

Sometimes... seems like every friend will move on.

I just listen to one song over and over, because it makes me feel more sad. Because its words are not even true.

How defiant
how human
to reach out and touch once more.


ci said...

hm. i read this, and now i'm going to go to bed a little sad.

that void in the post is alarming. it's so empty.

Logan said...

I also feel this way. And listen to the same sad/beautiful (can the two be separated?) music perhaps overmuch.

Newt said...

ci - I am sorry to make you feel sad... I sometimes forget that there are people reading this - besides just 'the internet' or whatever.

Logan - I don't think something can be sad without also being beautiful. Although I think it can be beautiful without being sad. But maybe if something is so joyful, for example, that it's beautiful, then it also hurts a little bit. Seems to be so in my experience, at least.

Newt said...

p.s. ci, I see what you mean by 'that void' now... there used to be a photo of a sad little shoe floating in the water, but I guess the link no longer works.

Rachel. said...

katie, what is the song? my song like that is "elephants", though I'm sure there are others.