Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nearly every day

I loved Rachel's idea. So here are my items.
  • Eat vegetables
  • Touch something green and alive with my bare skin
  • Play mandolin or add songs to the song book
  • Say something kind to somebody
  • Spend 45 minutes outside
  • Restore order to one thing
  • Hug someone
  • Draw a picture
or a doodle

or write one word really beautifully

  • Sleep
  • Go to work
  • Eat breakfast
  • Remember keys, phone, and T pass


Newt said...

Two posts in one day. Might just be a new record.

It's like bus bunching.

Rachel. said...

good record.

I love this post. I should also add vegetables and niceness to my own list. I didn't really mention anything to do with other people, but hugs and kind words are good objectives.

Redoubt said...

Interesting that you have a goal to restore order. From what I can tell, from an anthropological perspective, religion exists because people want to believe there is some power out there who is capable of putting this chaotic world we live in into order. The Phaoroahs were believed to have been given the power and responsibility to change the chaos into order--this was symbolized by having the sun rise as proof of their success the previous day. Bascially every creation myth is about a higher power creating or carving order out of chaos.