Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wish I were one of those people who liked to ORGANIZE things...

We have a lot of food in our tiny kitchen, but lots of random things as well, like boxes with approximately three Triscuit crackers or a ziploc containing a couple tablespoons of baking powder, nut chopper, loose packets of unpopped microwave popcorn, stuffed animals, a stray sock, Christmas ornaments, bottles of black and green food coloring... you know, just regular stuff like that.

After some contemplation, I came to the conclusion that the space in there wasn't really used very efficiently. I decided I'd go through and purge and rearrange, and then maybe I would want to actually EAT some of that food. So, just now, I removed everything from all of the shelves and all of the cupboards. I relocated the baking pans and supplies to above the cupboards by the sink. Then I looked at all the cans and boxes all over the floor and chair and counters and suddenly felt the urge to go into my bedroom and check Facebook. And write a blog post.

Soon Beth will get home, and food will be everywhere, and I'll be asleep or drooling or reading Mormon feminist blogs or BBC news, maybe doing breaststroke through my dirty and clean laundry or something. I suspect - though I am not certain - that this is why she tells our aunt that I'm "a good sister, but a bad roommate."

Ohhh the agony which smothers my soul when I imagine going back in and tidying everything up!!! Best to just pretend it never happened. Yep. Just pretend it never happened.
Katie, what is going on in the kitchen?

What do you mean?

There's food and crap EVERYWHERE.

What the...? I have no idea! I haven't even been in the kitchen since I've been home.

Katie, your bag is in here. And your shoes.

Uhhh... I have to go to the bathroom. (climbs out the window and down the fire escape)

I don't see any problem with this plan. Because I am so good at lying. And I don't need to eat. Ever....


ci said...

i love to organize things like this. if you lived in cambridge i could have cleaned up before beth found you. think of the possibilities!

Logan said...

Windows that you can climb out of, and fire escapes: So handy!

(I've never lived in a place with either)

Rachel. said...

what the!?

I love this. you should have called me. I like to organize, especially when it is not my own mess. and I am also wondering how it turned out/if the conversation with beth went as you imagined.

ME said...

dot dot dot

Anonymous said...

oh she is a tempter, that ci, isn't she!

i vote: best blog post ever. i will read it every day until i love your puppin face off.

tashabere said...
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ambrosia ananas said...

Oooh, I love doing this, too. Actual cleaning? No way. But organizing? That's fun. If only your kitchen and my house were closer together.