Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Most Beautiful

Yesterday morning the church bells began to chime out some old hymn as I was walking/running in to my office from the T.  I started to find myself getting a little annoyed, I think because it sounded like too cheery of a song (believe it or not, I don't really like a lot of cheery songs, especially not cheery churchy songs).  That is sad that I would feel annoyed, because those bells are one of my favorite things about this location.  Anyway, the phrase ended up surprising me and resolving itself into a sorrowful minor chord which filled my soul with this beautiful achy feeling.  

Then, this morning, I was walking through the rain in my new boots, noticing to myself how the clouds diffused the light and deepened the color of every single leaf, how the moisture saturated every dark tree trunk and released that cool earthy scent, how droplets of water on railings reflected a black and white world gleaming with russet and amber and saffron. 

And I thought to myself, this might just be the most beautiful autumn of my life.


Anonymous said...

wow, you paid $70 for boots?? that's incredible!

Newt said...

I tried to tell you about it...