Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not What I Had in Mind

My parents' offspring, impressive both in quality - intelligence, thoughtfulness, social adjustment (for the most part)  - and in quantity, definitely stood out to the faculty/staff of the elementary school which we attended.  The principal even knew all of the younger kids before they began kindergarten.  One day, my mother, beginning to bulge with evidence of my youngest sister, brought my little brother with her while she volunteered at a classroom event for another sibling. She was in the hallway, chatting with the principal afterward, and the conversation turned to the fact that she was due to have YET ANOTHER CHILD.  The kindhearted principal, a towering and somewhat intimidating man at times, especially to children who misbehaved, attempted to bring the little boy into the conversation.  "Peter, you've got some exciting news, don't you?"

My young brother, misunderstanding the reference, proud beyond proud of recent developments in personal bladder control and the brand new accompanying garments which signified his ascent into the world of personhood, pulled down his pants and eagerly showed the principal his BIG BOY UNDIES!!!

I mean, seriously.  They had trains on them. All I can say is that I wish I had been there to witness the blessed moment.