Sunday, January 3, 2010


That which we want with our deepest of yearnings is truly the most terrifying of all.  To claim it is to take the risk of naming it as our own. 


Logan said...

Radicals like Percy Shelley claimed they could do away with possessive love entirely. I guess, I agree that far more people are too jealous than not jealous enough.

Newt said...

Hm. Interesting. I probably wouldn't have put it in terms of "not jealous enough." Rather, I wonder, WHY are people jealous? I think it's because of something they're not acknowledging to themselves. For example, perhaps I am jealous of a friend's affection toward another because I desperately want to be loved myself and feel I am unloveable... Or perhaps I am scornful of another's career choice because I am afraid to admit - even to myself - what I really want. The jealousy is, more often than not in my experience, displaced from some other, deeper feeling. It is much easier attack the proxy than to confront the source.