Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Trip, in Numbers

(And words.)

Sort of - but not exactly - along the lines of a Rachel-y, list-y post...
  • Stayed awake for 21 hours the first day
  • Skied -  6 lifts, 3 (?) peaks, 1050 skiable acres, 66 runs
  • Took 2 buses each way to the mountain, which we selected as the only one which wouldn't require a third bus
  • Slept in 4 different people's beds (NICE PEOPLE)
  • Taught my brother an eight-count tap dance, comprised of 6 basic steps
  • Derived a theory for a universal braid of x strands and attempted a notation for universal braid theory
  • Applied universal braid theory to strips of a paper restaurant napkin to create a braid with an x of 6
  • Ate nutella and peanut butter sandwiches for 3 consecutive meals
  • Recorded 15 video clips 
  • Took 3 pictures on my phone
  • Had $6 pizza at an Asian pizza buffet house ("Vegetable pizza?  Well, we can take the sausage off of this kind, how's that?")
  • Attended a church service with 150 college freshmen which went into FORTY MINUTE overtime
  • Learned 2 new games
  • Saw 18 new and old friends
  • Played with 1 baby
  • Found 1 copy of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon at a bus stop
  • Attempted to navigate suburban Utah without a car, which included walking 6.25 miles one day and eating trail mix in a Costco parking lot (see? it's like hiking!)
  • Caught 4 flights, had 2 layovers for a total of 3 hours, set foot in 6 cities, traveled by 6 modes of transportation
And probably most impressively, considering all the traveling and keeping track of myself, my possessions, my flights/buses, and - occasionally - my brother:  
  • Had 0 meltdowns.

'Twas a wonderful trip.  Bless you, Utah.  


    Rachel. said...

    Bless you, Katie. Bless you, moon.

    I am pleased with your report, and glad you had no meltdowns. That is a lot of traveling/keeping track/being a real adult (as opposed to a fake one).

    Anonymous said...

    nice hat :)

    kaci + tom said...

    that video is amazing. i watched it twice.

    and a trip with zero meltdowns is truly wonderful. i have much to learn from you.

    Xan said...

    I adore you! Love the video. :) I'm sorry I was part of the 21 hours awake thing...been there, done that. I'm sorry!! :D

    I'm glad it was great though!

    Logan said...

    # Derived a theory for a universal braid of x strands and attempted a notation for universal braid theory ...


    Confuzzled said...

    Utah loves you. Or, you know, this part of Utah does... :)

    And really, what other part of Utah matters?

    Stella said...

    Wow! Congrats on the 0 meltdowns. Sounds like you know how to travel right! Saw your name on Exponent and have enjoyed visiting your blog!

    Newt said...

    Thanks guys, it was mostly a miracle that there were 0 meltdowns.

    Xan, Logan, Confuzzled - it was great to see all of you, and Xan I am glad you were a part of the 21 hour day. It made it that much better!

    Stella, thanks for stopping by. :)