Saturday, May 8, 2010


I wore my retainer last night for the first time in months (because little sister E made me feel a little bit ashamed last weekend while I was staying with her... yeah I think my overbite was starting to come back and my bottom front tooth was starting to get a little crooked). 

Anyway, now my teeth hurt SO BAD and I'm about to go to brunch and it bums me out a little because I loooove brunch foods and probably the only thing I'll be able to get is like porridge or something. 

It is raining so hard right now.  A beautiful spring rain that collects in deep cool puddles anywhere there's a hollow on the ground, pouring in fierce little rivulets along the edge of the streets, deepening all the colors into vibrant versions of themselves, muffling every sound with its gentle pattering, until all you can hear is the occasional splash of tires on pavement and the rumble of thunder. 


kaci + tom said...

it was so beautiful today after the rain. the leaves were such a rich green i thought my eyes and/or soul might explode.

you should come over for brunch sometime!!

Rachel. said...

for your mouth's sake I am thankful our wait was long enough that your gums could be a little less tender and that instead of porridge, you got to eat the breakfast burrito of your dreams.

Boodle said...

brunch is the best meal.

feng said...

haha crap I should wear my retainer as well... although I have wondered if wearing it and not wearing it results only in the gradual loosening of teeth, which results in more crooked teeth.. hmm

<3 raining days! I miss the ones in Boston :)

kaci + tom said...

i had this same retainer experience today.