Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreamtime: Refurbished Humans

I had a weird, kind of vivid dream. All I can recall is a series of vignettes.

I was leading an old woman home, to her home. It was nighttime, and the terrain was kind of rugged. We were at the last stretch, only had to climb this final set of stairs, but there was plywood nailed across to prevent our passage.

I tried to lead her around the side of the stairs, but suddenly lightening flashed, illuminating a giant figure directly in our path. Silent. Looming. The lightening glistened off his bald head. Probably eight feet tall at least.

In his workshop, at the top of a high tower, he performed modifications on captured humans and replaced their joints and muscles with little animatronic gears and that sort of thing. So he could control them, as his minions. The refurbished humans also somehow became kind of small. Like they could fit in the palm of your hand. It was a bit horrifying.

I didn’t know how I’d escape, or the old lady either.

The next scene in the dream, this Heroic Man had shown up, subdued the giant, and was performing the same procedure on him.  By 'subdued' I mean 'gave him lots of wine'.  The hero dude was using forceps to install plastic gears into the giant's shoulders.  He just lay there on the floor, giggling at how it tickled a little bit (apparently he was a very silly, cuddly drunk). I remember feeling slightly nauseated over the whole thing, torn over whether this was the right thing to do. Just because a giant man does something to other people doesn’t make it okay to do the same thing to him.

Especially when he was so sweet and easygoing once you got a couple drinks in him...


Badgerdown said...

Two wrongs never make a right... but sometimes it would be nice if they did. :) Sorry you had such a strange dream- did it affect your mood when you woke up. I think I might have been a confused grouch if I had woken up from that dream.....,

Newt said...

Aww... It wasn't so horrible, mostly just thought-provoking.