Sunday, April 3, 2011


Let's see let's see.  

Have been doing some fun stuff - going to MIT museum, working on crafts and art stuff, seeing old friends -  and lots of regular stuff. 

I got these new running shoes.  They have a super thin sole, and pretty much no support.  The idea I guess is that your foot and leg will build up those muscles as you slowly ease into running with the shoes.  I think it's working because whenever I use them the next day my calves are KILLING, way more than normal running.  

There's little crocuses and snowdrops and stuff everywhere. It is starting to feel like spring is really on its way.  Last week I planted these (ITALIAN CHOICE - how you know it's a good brand):

in a little box on my window:

NOW look at them!  So cute. Someday I'll eat them.


Redoubt said...

Eating cute things is the best!

I've heard that running barefoot (or with shoes that simulate barefootedness) is better for not only your muscles, but also your brain. Like it improves your balance and stuff.

Boodle said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm those look wonderful! Simon planted a few things himself.

I think I may get some o' those shoes; your thoughts?

Rachel. said...

Those pictures are beautiful, and that Italian Spinach will be delicious. And nutritious.

Good job running. Good job running in thin, non-support shoes. You are a brave lady.

Newt said...

Cute food IS the best! Redoubt - that is cool about brain stimulation.

Boodle - just went out in those shoes again today. I like them. My advice is to ramp up in terms of distance. You feel pretty fine while you're running but just the next day is KILLER.

Rachy - Italian spinach is the best, esp when it's from a company called Ferry-Morse. Very Italian. :)