Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I made some! I also made a painting of poppies and a sleeping baby fox, but I don't have a pic of them.

The cards are for giving away. But I wonder if I could sell some other ones that are slightly more professional.

My new idea would be to make some color copies and cut the prints to size and put them on the colored mats instead of one original painting per card. It would still be pretty nice and I could get multiple cards from the same painting.

Yeah it could be good.


Logan said...

Those are quite pretty. I like moths as well as butterflies -- I feel moths are unduly judged by the color of their wings and not the content of their character.

My aunt used to make hanging butterfly sculpture-things out of stained glass.

Newt said...

Thank you!

I like moths too, and was thinking of doing some, but it is hard because usually they are so light-colored.

Those sculptures sound amazing. :)