Sunday, November 13, 2011

NBPM: Recipe - Pumpkin Bread

This is a recipe that kind of developed over the course of several batches. It started from a google search for pumpkin bread recipe, involved accidentally adding twice the amount of pumpkin the recipe called for (2 cans instead of 2 cups OOPS) and went from there, including a new type of flour, and a reduction in sugar. The result is a moist and hearty spiced bread.

Pumpkin Bread

4 eggs
1C sugar (brown or white, I prefer brown) 
1-3T maple syrup (or you can skip the syrup and add up to another 1/2C sugar, if you like)
2 cans unsweetened plain pumpkin
1C vegetable oil
2/3C almond milk (or regular milk or water)
3 1/2C flour (I use barley flour but whole wheat or white works too)
1/2t baking powder
2t baking soda
3/4t salt
1t nutmeg
1t cloves
1t cinnamon
1t ginger
1t allspice

1. Preheat oven to 375 F.

2. Mix eggs and sugar. Add pumpkin, almond milk, maple syrup, oil. Mix thoroughly.

3. Combine all dry ingredients in separate bowl. Mix together with with pumpkin mixture.

4. Pour into greased baking pans. Begin checking large loaf at 50-60 min. Begin checking smaller ones sooner, perhaps 35-45 min. The above makes one loaf pan and three small loafs. I like it because the big loaf is for me to eat and share; the small ones can be for gifts! A half recipe makes one loaf. 

Sprinkle top before baking with a bit of cinnamon sugar and some sunflower seeds and chopped pistachios. Press it into the batter a little bit with your fingers. You could probably use slivered almonds, other chopped nuts, and/or oats, I am thinking of trying that next time. 


Mix 1C chopped nuts into batter when combining wet and dry ingredients.


ME said...

Sounds yummy.

kaci + tom said...

this looks delightful, especially because you used barley flour. yummmmmm