Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday was my last day of work. Very bitter sweet.

I have been ready for awhile to move on to a new phase in my life, but it was so so tough to say goodbye to everyone I've come to know over the past five years.

We had a little going away party, and (here is the craziest, nicest thing I can imagine, which I wasn't expecting at all), my coworkers chipped in and got me a going away present: an ipad!!!! I was a little bit almost in shock and so touched by such a gesture from everybody that I hopefully didn't just sit there dumbfounded saying something like "oh my gosh WOW" and was able to get out a gracious thank you. But really, what a blessing to work with people who care so much that you succeed, even when you are leaving them, sending you on your way with such a thoughtful and useful gift.

I was eager to see what it was all about and playing around with it last night... there are so many features... for example, I can download apps about the different systems of the human body (muscles/bones, organs, etc) and there are models at different levels of magnification, I can zoom in and rotate around, use it to study and see how everything is fitting together. I'm sure there are other uses I haven't even discovered yet. Wow. I just keep thinking that to myself. Wow. And every time I use it I will remember how blessed I am with the people from this part my life who care for and support me.

This next week is serious overload.

  • Today I have to bike over to BU where I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology, pay my tuition, get my textbooks, etc. 
  • My first day of the course is Tuesday. I have six hours of lecture and four hours of lab. 
  • I'm registering for an online developmental psych course as well.
  • Saturday I take the GRE. 
  • And tonight, my friends the Danes are coming into town and will be here through almost all of next week. 
  • My roommate is graduating from his master's program and his girlfriend and family will be in town. 
  • I still need to work out the lease for this coming year with my two new future roommates. 
  • Now that I have more free time during the week I need to get back in touch with the people I was shadowing for observation hours and see if we can set up some more regular times I can come in. 
  • And I want to do some last studying for the GREs. Maybe take another practice to build up my endurance. 

It is weird. A week or two ago I felt so many conflicting emotions, like inside of me was where crazytown was happening. Now that I've actually officially begun my new path, I still feel like things around me are a bit all over the place, but I'm strangely calm in myself, where I'm headed. Purposeful.

I'm sure that feeling will come and go, but, for now, I run with it.


Katya said...

Congrats on starting this new journey! It can be scary to start out on a new path, but I hope you feel reassuring peace and calmness when you need it.

Bbear said...

I second Katya's comments. I also think it's really funny you and E got iPads in the same week or something.

Of course, your coworkers are tremendously sweet too. I didn't know they rocked so hard, honestly. But you're just a champ, I think, Katie.

Rachel Hunt said...

Maybe one day you will say, "I won ONE ipad!" and Emily will say, "I won TWO ipads!" just to be funny.

I love that your coworkers really loved you. But really, why wouldn't they? You are Katie.

Good luck on the GRE!

Anonymous said...

probably our ipads should get together and hang out...when you're not crazy busy, of course... :)