Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here I Go

Changes in my life happening.

I announced at work today that I will be leaving my job in engineering to pursue a new degree and career in... physical therapy!

Even though I enjoy working with my coworkers, I had been struggling for quite some to have a vision for myself, my future on this career track. It was a tough decision to come to. Thought long and hard about so many options or paths I could take. Visited different clinics, talked to people who are currently practicing, in school, went to an information session/open house at one of the schools in the area. It just feels right to me. The plan now is to take prerequisites over the summer and in the fall and to apply in the fall for admission next year. I have fulfilled some of the prerequisites in my civil engineering degree, but I still have to take Biology, Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry II, and Exercise Physiology. Lots of work. I can do it though. I know I can!

Everyone at my job has been soooo supportive and kind and understanding. Giving me hugs. Saying really nice things about me, and about working with me. Saying they want me to be happy and find work that will make me happy, that they will miss me. I was joking with myself on the way home, nothing like quitting your job to help you feel affirmed in yourself! But seriously, I couldn't ask to have worked with nicer people. It will be hard to say goodbye. Having these conversations has made the transition easier in some ways, harder in others. I get a little sad just thinking about it now.

Actually I feel a combination of this:

and this:

and this:

And this:

Time to wax philosophical though. I've learned so much these past years working here. A lot of it is very specific, task-based skills, which I will likely never use again. However, possibly more of what I have learned has been things I will carry with me no matter where I go.

  • Balancing my time
  • Organizing my thoughts and organizing the steps of a task
  • Seeing a something through from start to finish
  • Working with clients
  • Learning to explain complicated things in a simple way
  • Standing up for myself
  • Getting in touch with what it is I actually want
  • Working with people who have different communication styles

Yes all of that goes with me wherever the road takes me. And I'm sure there's even more than what I listed. Tomorrow I am attending the ribbon cutting for a project I worked on at its beginning back in 2008. A very nice conclusion to this stage of my career and life. Seems like everything is falling into place finally.

Just last week I had a mini-meltdown, felt like I was stuck, couldn't get into the classes I needed, like I would never move forward to where I want to go. Then yesterday night before bed, I made the decision to go for it, to just jump, and see where I land, I suppose. Right before I was about to sleep, within minutes of making my decision, I just thought I would quickly check the website for the class I need to take, just in case. There was an opening. The class had been full for weeks, every time I would check the site. Somebody had dropped the class right before I checked, and I was able to register. A miracle.

Thank you universe, for blessing me on my way.


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Elizabeth said...

So glad you got your classes! Good luck, you'll do great!

Newt said...

Thank you both. :)

Rachel Hunt said...

I think it is a brave and noble thing you are doing. And I, Rachel Eliza Hunt Steenblik thank the universe for blessing you, Katie Francis Baratta.