Monday, June 25, 2012

I am gonna win

Ugh two finals this coming week. I'm SO not feeling prepared. I had a fabulous week in Yosemite (see Facebook pictures, since pretty much all my readers are fb friends anyway) but that meant missing an entire week of the like six-week semester. Not so great. I did surprisingly well on the first two exams, if only I could make this work... I have done quite a bit of studying over the weekend since I've been home. But somehow I just don't know if it will be enough to make up for the three lectures and two labs that I ended up missing in order to go on the trip.

Ok well the lecture exam is Wednesday, the lab exam on Thursday. I guess just do the best I can do and hopefully get better than a C for the course.

Aw ploppy.

(I had originally had a much more negative title, but decided that's no way to succeed)


Rachel Hunt said...

I like this new title. It suits you, and I am 98% sure you will do just fine. Perhaps the time in the great outdoors will even help you somehow. Did you dissect any animals while hiking?

ME said...

You can do it.

Newt said...

Ah thanks pups! I did it. Phew.