Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Make Friends with your Lab TA

When he is talking about increasing the pressure in a system and uses inflating a bicycle tire as a real-life example, and then says there aren't a lot of everyday examples of decreasing pressure, you might say something about suctioning a drinking glass onto your face.

I do that every day, doesn't everyone?

Or, while asking him a question during the procedure, you notice he is wearing a shirt that has the same college as your former roommate. You ask if he attended there, which year? When he says 2011, a good idea is to say loud enough for many people to hear "What?! From undergrad???" as you realize/try to make sense of the fact that OMG when I graduated college, this guy was still in high school! 


Bbear said...

This is how I befriend people, all the time. Except I usually send them the pictures of my face like that.

Saule Cogneur said...

I had the same experience as you when a fellow first year grad student had on a "seniors 2004" T-shirt.

I find your TA lacking. Let's blame it on youth ;)

Swimming from the bottom to surface of a lake, turning on a water faucet, popping a balloon, opening a can of soda, puncturing a soccer ball, putting a butane lighter in ice water, taking a plane to 10,000 feet, relaxing the trigger on a water gun, removing a weight from ANY surface... the list goes on and on!!

Newt said...

Saule, it more just seemed like he had a lot to explain and was just going to skim through because everyone seemed to understand when I interrupted to say the drinking glass comment.

Oh well, everyone laughed when I said it, so I do not regret it. :D