Monday, January 14, 2013


So I recently concluded Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer after having watched alllll the prior seasons as well. A lot of ups and downs in that series.

I have so many things sort of brewing in my head from it. Thoughts about healthy vs destructive relationships. What it means to be a strong woman. I don't know if I'll have a better post (or multiple posts) later, but I do want to say there's so much good stuff in that show, besides just entertaining storytelling. I would recommend it for anyone, but especially in regards to the show's treatment of a strong female lead.

Joss, Gellar, and company do not disappoint.

(it is tough not to have more episodes to look forward to though)


Logan said...

Everything is sad after Oz leaves (but still mostly good. Season 7 didn't really work for me).

Newt said...

LOGAN. Hi hi there.

I really did like Oz. Too bad he had to leave. I wouldn't have said "everything is sad" though.

I suppose the rest of this comment has some spoilers, but more general than specific. A lot of Season 6 was very, very hard to watch. In particular the Buffy/Spike stuff. A few of the scenes were so brutal, but I think the show handled some really difficult topics very well.

Season 7 was kind of bittersweet to me, because it really seemed like both Buffy and Spike had gotten to much healthier places with themselves, both kind of starting to pull their lives back together. But maybe they are both wary of the dark places their interactions can take them. I did like the ending, more in a female power way, I think a lot of times women feel as though they are in competition with one another, but really women divided against each other are one of the greatest cultural forces reinforcing the status quo.

Maybe I'll do some posts about individual episodes, or some particular themes, but my thoughts are still somewhat disjointed about it all.

Newt said...

Curious: what did't work for you about Season 7?

Thirdmango said...

I'm glad you liked it, I recently finished it myself. A really good friend of mine did some good writes ups from her perspective that I recommend you have a look at now that you're done with the series.

Newt said...

Oh cool. She is referencing some of my favorite episodes as well. I think if I ever watch the series again I'll do an all-time favorites too.