Monday, July 15, 2013

Denver Life

Am debating starting a new blog for my Denver escapades... still have a bit of time before I move out here for good, so I have time to decide whether to make a new one or not. I'm kind of thinking a new one might be a good idea.

It's my second-to-last day of my trip to secure an apartment. The trip was successful.

I signed on for a place that is in a really pleasant neighborhood with shops and cafes and stuff. It's only a 10 min bike ride from campus and about 5 min from my friend C from high school. From everyone I've talked to, it seems like biking is definitely doable for most of the year. The day after it snows, the sun comes out and everything melts away. Seriously guys. The drainage infrastructure here is impressive (understatement). Anyway, on the handful of snowfall days, I can just walk to school (30 min) or possibly find someone to carpool with if they live in the area.

The room is in a two-bedroom house. I will have a roommate, who is very nice and mature Physician's Assistant, and also his super mellow golden retriever/yellow lab dog. Went by to sign the lease and hang out with the new roommate and the downstairs neighbors who also have a pet baby malamute (like a husky) that is the really the fluffiest thing I have ever seen. They said when he gets bigger they are going to get/build a cart and he can pull them, which apparently he will love to do, since that is what he is bred for. I think it is going to be a good situation. I had originally been looking at 1-br places, but those were extremely hard to come by, so then I came across this place and seemed to get along with the roommate and his dog. It is fully furnished except for the bedroom, so I don't have to worry about getting sofas and tables and chairs and stuff, so that's another plus. And if I decide I want to live by myself, I'm not stuck in the situation.

I'm excited to make the room my "own," my little haven. It's really all I need, a little slice of the universe to call my own.

Anyway, here's a panorama from a hike last week. Very breathtakingly beautiful.


Rachel Hunt said...

I am very excited for you, little Newt. xo

Newt said...

And I, for you!