Saturday, April 28, 2007


So I was at the dollar store (formerly known as 99¢ Forever ) to pick up some supplies for my lesson at church tomorrow, and you’ll never believe what I found there...

That’s right. 8 Fancy Erasers. What I shall do with them all remains a mystery at present. I gave Lauren and Donald one apiece, but I still have six… I don’t know if I’ll do that much erasing in my whole life.

Plus I’m not sure if I could bear actually erasing with one of them, not sure how I'd feel about the gradual wearing away of their brightly colored bodies from the long term effects of friction.

Man, they have so much spunk! Just look at them… Aren't they superb?


Lauren said...

all i do is sit around and play with my new fancy dinosaur. thank you, katie. thank you.

Beth said...

I loves my new fancy eraser too. Mom was super impressed.

We wondered, however, why there was no letter attached?