Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Grand Day Out

"Hector." Mrs. Gobbles glanced over at her husband. "Please be serious."
“Sorry sorry, Augustina.” Mr. Gobbles eyes scanned the perpetually-shifting swarm of offspring. “Have we got everybody? Wobbles… Hobbles… Squabbles…”
“Mom, Dad, can we go now? Can we go yet?”
“No it’s not safe just yet.” Augustina herded a recalcitrant child back towards the group while her dear husband continued to count the bouncing little heads.
“Hang on… Flobbles… Dobbles… All right, we have everyone.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gobbles peered carefully to the left and then to the right and finally to the left again. The coast was clear.
“Okay. Everyone, GO!”

And with the skittering of fifteen sets of talons on tarmac, the turkey family crossed the road to the shady brush on the other side.


Beth said...

Dear, I am confused as to why you decided to write this little sniplet of turkey family walking wonder...

ME said...

Did the family of turkeys cross the road or did the road move under the family of turkeys?

The Dancing Newt said...

me, it depends upon your frame of reference.