Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life Lessons Learned

  1. Do not buy CDs from street performers. They'll almost always disappoint: rarely sounding as good on the recording as they do in real life. Oh he had such a LOVELY voice... coupled with that small guitar... what purpose did it serve to throw in the synthesizers???
  2. Vehicles need to be registered in the state of Massachusetts, except for bicycles.
  3. Do not park a scooter on the sidewalk at Walden Pond. This is no longer the mid-nineteenth century. We have RULES, people. We have a tourist attraction to run.
  4. Even on the eve of the seventh Harry Potter book, when all the world is dressed in geeky black robes, wearing pointed hats, and reveling in the streets of Harvard Square, you will still find an enthusiastically devoted contingency of Red Sox fans huddled around the TV in the store window, oblivious to the magical mayhem which surrounds them.
  5. The man who stands behind the giant handmade puppet performing Hippie Karaoke with young children will immediately switch to singing about his favorite herb and moving the large plastic "cigarette" to the puppet's mouth once said children leave.
  6. My gosh I love MA.


Beth said...

Okay first of all: Gifrants in Harvard Square T station is freaking great live and on CD. MF-my-boyfriend got both of his CDs and I lovers them.

Second, registration was a surprise to you? What is the sarcasm behind the rules schtick? I feel like I'm missing it.

Massholes are crazy about their baseball, and hippies (blah blah blah HIPPIES! blah blah blah) love their weed.

ME said...

7. Never use commercial TBAF solutions. Always use the solid trihydrate.

Petra said...

Doesn't everything need to be registered in MA?