Saturday, December 8, 2007

Missing Them

My company is relocating into a new office building, more towards the heart of downtown. Apparently everyone in our building is moving to other locations as well. I am excited for the change of pace, excited to be closer to everything, to have more frequent T service for my commute.

However, there will be a lot of folks I won’t see any more at the new office, people who work in the same building or whom I pass on the way to work. And I realized, strangely, that I will miss them. I guess you just grow to love those you see. For example:

The head janitor
My train conductors
And speaking of trains, that old timer who rides the same one as me in the morning
Let's not forget the goat-man
Chatty newspaper salesman
Curly-haired guy who introduced me to International Falafel
Man with kind eyes who works at International Falafel (he recognizes every customer)
The young IT professional who dresses in all black and updates me about her 2-year old son
Valet Parking attendant
Morning-shift Salvation Army bell ringer who puts such flair into it
Sniff sniff. And I’ve only been working at the office for 6 months! And I only see these people maybe once every week or two. God forbid one of my coworkers retires or moves to a different job...


eleka nahmen said...

I love that picture of downtown! It's so cozy!

The Dancing Newt said...

heheheh... so huggy, right?

eleka nahmen said...

Yes! I'm so officially in love with Boston now.