Saturday, October 4, 2008

Because it makes Beth feel like a celebrity to appear here...

These are some little gems I typed up on Saturday.

Gem #1:
Beth and I participated in team FB-stalking this morning. The following conversation occurred while looking at one of her regulars. She just likes to look at pictures of him, so I do too. Because we are twins and only like exactly the same things.
Beth: Also he has this amazing hat.
Katie: (seeing this person for the first time) He's the awesomest little nubbin in my life.
Beth: Did you mean bubber?
Katie: No. If I had meant bubber I would have said bubber.
Geez, sissy.

Gem #2:
It's 10:20 AM and Beth and I are still dressed in our pajamas - shorts/a sweatshirt and PJ bottoms/yesterday's sweater, respectively.
Katie: (sitting on the floor in the living room surrounded by art supplies, a paper shopping bag, and sticky rat trap still in its packaging which our landlord dropped off) Come on Beth we need to clean the house.
Beth: I don't WANT to clean the house. I just want to put on my socks. (goes into her bedroom)
Katie: Okay.
Beth: I've got my socks on. I'm coming out now. Just try and stop me!
Beth emerges from her bedroom with knee-high, multicolored, argyle socks and prances across the floor. Recall she's still wearing the shorts at this point.

This memory is priceless and I will treasure it in my heart for ever and ever.


ME said...

Sisterly love...

eleka nahmen said...

I'm MISSING this!!!! :(

The Dancing Newt said...

Yes, unfortunately, you really are.