Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five Things

(for Mooney)

10 years ago I
1. Didn't know how to match my own clothes.
2. Started high school.
3. Probably had a lot of angst.
4. Was playing my first season of field hockey ever.
5. Solidified some of the best friendships of my life.
Five things on today's to-do list:
1. Count cars in a parking lot. For money.
2. Study for LEED exam. Le sigh.
3. Dinner with Foffie?
4. Match my own clothes.
5. Mail JY's birthday present.
Five Snacks I enjoy:
2. carrots and hummus
3. cheese
4. brie cheese
5. maple syrup
Five Places I have lived:
1. Boston, MA
2. Albany, NY
3. Boston, MA (that is all)
Five Jobs I have had:
1. Day camp counselor
2. Residential remodeling with my dad
3. Labeling the size of rebar in engineering drawings
4. Geocoding accident report data for MassHighway
5. Traffic engineer/transportation planner
Five Pet Peeves:
1. hypocrisy (in myself and others)
2. being left out of secrets
3. "pup" (okay I have a love-hate relationship with it)
4. CVS no longer carrying my favorite deodorant
5. littering
Five things that bring me joy:
1. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
2. Thunderstorms
3. Love
4. Watching strangers
5. My sissy... on a daily basis!
Five people whose business I want to know
1. Bubber
2. Chennifer
3. Areagar
4. Marby
5. 3M


eleka nahmen said...

:D :D :D*


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Saule Cogneur said...
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You might have to reconstruct the link into a single line.

Redoubt said...

10 years ago I:

Cut my hair super short and left it that way for 9 years, gained musical taste, learned not to trust anyone, wrote a lot of fiction, never ate lunch.

lauren said...

"I have a secret!"