Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know:
  • the use of native plant species in landscaping reduces the need for irrigation, fertilizer, and operating costs

  • vegetation can reduce the thermal impact of a project through shade and evapotranspiration

  • using materials with high solar reflectivity (for example, lightly colored) can also serve to reduce thermal impact of a project

Did you? Well now you do. These are a few of the many startlingly amazing facts I am absorbing for this exam.

Sigh... several other things happened today, some of which involved a state trooper asking me whether I possess even a particle of common sense (when surely he could have surmised that the answer was "no," based on the situation alone), but I just really don't have the heart to type about them just yet. I am home now though, the treetops are on fire* with reds and oranges and yellows, and my sissy and I talked about THINGS.

So there is peace in my heart.

Also, you should watch this movie. And be sure your volume is on, because it is simply a splendid sight to behold, and you've just gotta get the whole effect.

I like how his glasses move. And I have to wonder, who was dropping all those balloons?

*seriously today I saw trees so stunningly beautiful it pierced me where my soul is.

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